Day 43 and I’m pumped

March 25, 2013



So that’s my day 40 picture, and then my day 1 picture.  I can feel a huge difference, I can see a huge difference, and others can see a huge difference, which leads me to say, I feel great.  I am writing this right now after taking my first spin class at the Y.  That kicked my tail, but it’s good to be challenged, right?  I am going into these last 16 days full on.  I am off this week because it is my kids Spring Break week, so I am using the extra time to rock out some crazy exercise.  It feels good.  I am down from a size 50 pants to a 46.  I wore pants on Sunday that I hadn’t worn in 2 years.  I am down a 4x shirt to a 3x which is very loose.  I can put on my socks and tie my shoes without a whole lot of work.  It’s a good feeling.  The next 16 days are key.  Let’s do this!!  Go Genghis Grill….check out this sight  http://fcrps.me/2jj.2z3Q  PEACE OUT


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